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Hadish is a magnificent, Three-Stars and private hotel which consist of traditional and also modern architecture. It is 1000 and the building is 7000 square meters in 9 stories. Hadish Hotel with a variety of unique facilities welcomes the guests. It is located in Shiraz.
Shiraz is a city of sophistication and has always been celebrated as the heartland of Persian culture. Furthermore, it has one of the Iran's most agreeable climates. Shiraz also has about 300 worthwhile touristy places which range from onumental buildings, imposing museum, glorious shrines and splendid gardens.
Hadish Hotel is located in such a pleasant large city. It has an efficient and experienced staff that always ready to serve the honorable guests. According to Hadish Hotel's motto, "The Customers Are Always Right", you are any time received with a warm hospitality .

Hadish Hotel


The purpose of Hadish hotel is to introduce Shiraz touristy attractions to the guests and also to offer you new accommodation services. The management believes in guests' proper satisfaction in terms of respecting you and providing you with the best services.
This hotel has two restaurants with high capacities. One is in the hotel; another is about 30 minutes far from the hotel. This outdoor restaurant with a combination of traditional and modern architecture is placed in a fascinating garden.

It is about 6000 meters and has several little pools, children par, cafeteria, snack bar, CIP services, several entrances and saloons. Meanwhile the weather is about 4 or 5 degrees cooler than the city's.
(It is interesting to know that it takes about 1 hour by airplane to get to the place(A beautiful island) to swim and water ski in winter and only 50 minutes to get to another region in order to ski on the snow covered mountains.)

We dare to say it is one of the best restaurants of Shiraz.
Actually, with the purpose of gaining our guests' satisfaction we consider different preferences; consequently, apart from the usual dishes, we serve veg and nonveg food Persian Golf fishes which are cooked in Iranian and European cuisine.
We hope to offer you the best we can.

The Restaurant
• Lobby Lounge
• 24hr Room Service




Address : P.O. Box 94, Shiraz, 07000 , Iran

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